The Werewolf's Cave is home to a giant werewolf and two cave spiders. Inside the cave lies a gold egg at the end.

To get it, gain all the speed you can via hats, the bear morph from the bear bee (if you have it), plus 10× Haste, and then make a run for it, jumping the whole way to avoid getting killed by the cave spiders which guard the egg. (You will probably get killed after you get the egg, because the Haste powerup doesn't last long enough to get back out again, but that's OK, you still get to keep the egg.)

Inside the cave you'll see something that looks like the spider at the Spider Field, but a more greyish color and have no eyes. Even though they clearly look like spiders, the game calls them Cave Monster.

When entering the cave, you will hear whispering noises which actually are coming from the Cave Monsters themselves.

The Cave Monsters are guaranteed to kill a player in one strike. The game's creator says the Monsters can theoretically be killed, it's just very, very hard. Your bees can attack the Cave Monster while you're dead but since they have no nametag we don't know how much health they have. The Cave Monsters seem to have the same amount of health as the werewolf.

They give 5 battle points when defeated.

Unknown (1)-0
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