The Werewolf is a level 6 mob that defends the Cactus Field, the Pumpkin Patch, and along with two mantises, the Pine Tree Forest. It spawns at the entrance of the Werewolf's Cave.

The reward for defeating the werewolf is 25 battle points, 75 bond, and 5000 honey. It takes 60 minutes to regenerate after being defeated. There is also a 50% chance that defeating him will give a ticket, and a somewhat higher chance that that it will give 3 (and sometimes 5)gumdrops. The werewolf has an unknown chance to drop one of any eggs in-game, including diamond and gifted variants. You can also get a Royal Jelly, or if you are lucky enough, 10 Sunflower Seeds or 50 treats. The amount of honey received and the ticket/gumdrop probabilities are increased by Luck.


Field Quantity Level
Entire level containing Cactus Field, Pumpkin Patch, and Pine Tree Forest 1 6





The main strategy people use is to have something in the way between you and the werewolf. The main things people use are the cactus, the smaller pine tree, or the smaller pumpkin.

The run-and-jump method also works: like most mobs, the werewolf gets confused while you're in the air, and will lunge at the point you used to be, not where you're at now.

You can also spam jump in place which seems to confuse the werewolf because when you're in the air it wants to return to its home, but when you're on the ground it wants to attack you.


  • When bears give quests that involve defeating the werewolf more than once, the plural is spelled incorrectly as "2 Werewolfs", rather than "2 Werewolves".
  • This and the spider are the only mobs that attack people out of their field.
  • The werewolf uses the "White Fang" package from Roblox.
  • You can enter the werewolf's cave to get the free gold egg hidden in it, but you will encounter 2 Cave Monsters.
  • This is the first non-insect mob found in the map, with the second being Tunnel Bear.
  • You can earn more than just one Egg after defeating the Werewolf, like x5 Silver Eggs, or if you're lucky, a Diamond Egg.
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