The design of the Ticket Shop.

The Ticket Shop is a dispenser that sells tickets. It is located outside the Mountain Top Shop next to the White Field Booster. The first ticket costs 100,000 honey. Each subsequent ticket costs an additional 10,000 honey with no identified maximum price.

The formula for the total cost of a group of tickets, $ S $, is

$ S=n[5000(n-1)+X] $

where $ n $ is the amount being bought and $ X $ is the current ticket price. To perform this calculation quickly with a calculator, follow these instructions:

  1. Find $ n-1 $.
  2. Multiply your answer by 5000.
  3. Add $ X $ to your answer.
  4. Multiply your answer by $ n $.


  • The 250th ticket will cost 2,590,000 honey.
  • The 500th ticket will cost 5,090,000 honey.
  • The total cost of buying the first 250 tickets comes to 336,250,000 honey.
  • The total cost of buying the first 500 tickets comes to 1,297,500,000 honey.
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