Ticket symbol

A Ticket is a form of currency that can be used to purchase items such as Royal Jelly or certain Bees.

Methods of Obtaining

  • You can get them from badges.
  • Sun Bear gave you a ticket once you talked to him. He was located near the Noob Shop.
  • You can buy tickets from a dispenser outside the Mountain Top Shop for 100k Honey. The price increases by 10k honey each time. There is no cap on the price.
  • In place of Honey Tokens generated by collecting pollen (ultra-rare).
    • Since the 5/9/2018 Update the chance of getting the tickets this way has been doubled, but it's still ultra-rare.
  • As a reward for completing a quest (uncommon).
  • As a reward for killing mobs (rare).
  • From wet grass caused by Spit.
  • There are ticket tokens hidden in various places -- see Locations below.
  • From Codes.


Tickets may only be claimed from each of these spots once.

  1. Inside the cave in the Spider Field.
  2. In the very back left corner inside of the Mountain Top Shop.
  3. On top of the biggest pineapple in the Pineapple Patch. This token grants 3 tickets. (To get it, Parachute down from a suitable high spot.)
  4. In the back of Red HQ, near the ceiling. (The best way to get it seems to be to get 10× Haste, climb on top of the teleporter, jump up and deploy the parachute, and then glide to the ticket. The enhanced jump ability granted by certain hats and/or the Bear Morph can also help.)

(In addition, there used to be a ticket token on the rise between the Noob Shop and the hives, where Sun Bear's RV was parked, but it disappeared about a week after Sun Bear left.)