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Tabby Bee

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"This affectionate bee was raised by cats. It becomes a better worker as it warms up to you."





The Tabby Bee is an Event bee that hatches out of a Tabby Bee Egg. It is available in the Ticket Tent for 500 tickets. It also was available earlier on for 250 tickets. Its favorite fields are Spider Field and Clover Field.

This bee has a unique perk: its abilities increase permanently with the collection of Tabby Love tokens. At 1,000 stacks, this bee has the best collection and conversion rates in the game. The maximum stats are:

  • Collects 10 (100 with max Tabby Love) Pollen in 4 seconds.
  • Makes 60 (600 with max Tabby Love) Honey in 4 seconds.
  • Collects 176 pollen from 3 lines of 4 flowers with Scratch (2,112 pollen).


  • Collects 10 Pollen in 4 seconds
  • Makes 60 Honey in 4 seconds
  • +50% Energy, +20% Movespeed, +2 Attack, +0 to +600 Production amount, +2 to +102 Gather Amount.
  • 🌟 Gifted Hive Bonus: +50% Critical Power


  • [Tabby Love] Permanently grants Tabby Bee +1% Gather Amount, Conversion Amount, and pollen from Scratch. Stacks up to 1,000.
  • [Scratch] Collects 16 pollen from 3 lines of 4 flowers. Pollen is increased by up to 1000% by Tabby Love.

The Tabby Bee has a base pollen collection of 100 WhiteFlowerLarge in 2 seconds.

That's equivalent to 50 WhiteFlowerLarge per second.

(200 WhiteFlowerLarge in 2 seconds with x2 Bee Pollen gamepass)

Pollen Collection
Flower Size Bee Pollen with Critical Hit
without Melody with Melody
Small 100 200 400
Medium 200 400 800
Large 300 600 1200

The Tabby Bee can make 600 HoneyDrop in 4 seconds!

That's equivalent to 150 HoneyDrop per second.

(600 HoneyDrop in 2 second/s with x2 Honeymaking Speed)

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
1 25% 750
2 50% 900
3 75% 1050
4 100% 1200
5 125% 1350
6 150% 1500
7 175% 1650
8 200% 1800

Science Enhancement Production Rate Number of Produced Honey
9 225% 1950
10 250% 2100
11 275% 2250
12 300% 2400
13 325% 2550
14 350% 2700
15 375% 2850
16 400% 3000

Honey Collection with In-game Clothing
Clothing Category Name Instant Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Produced Honey
Instant Hive
Hats Helmet 10% 660 600
Propeller Hat 15% 690 600
Beekeeper's Mask 25% 750 600
Guards Elite Blue Guard 10% 660 600
Bucko Guard 15% 690 600
Riley Guard 150% 0 1500
Bags Belt Bag 50% 0 900
Mondo Belt Bag 100% 0 1200



  • When Tabby Bee was initially added, the maximum Tabby Love stack was erroneously set to 500. This was fixed in a later update.
  • There used to be an Easter Egg behind the hives, which was a block with a distorted photo of Tabby Bee on it. It was removed around June 2, 2018. This was possibly a hint for one of the codes, more specifically, "Meow".
  • Because of a timer glitch that didn't allow players to buy it, Tabby Bee returned on sale between June 2nd and June 6th, 2018.
  • The Tabby Bee, Crimson Bee, and Cobalt Bee are the only bees with an ability that affects another ability.
  • The Tabby Bee is the third event bee to be added to the game. The first and second event bees, respectively, are Bear Bee and Photon Bee.
  • Tabby Love stack will not be removed if you evict or transform the Tabby Bee.
  • When you reach 1000 Tabby Love stacks, Tabby Bee will still produce Tabby Love ability but it will not stack.
  • The original price of Tabby Bee was 250 tickets.
  • On Tabby Bees bought before June 4, there is a flag with 1st on it.
  • Scratch and Tabby Love respectively, are the only tokens in the game that do not slowly fade away.
  • Tabby Bee might be a reference to Onett's real life cat. This is hinted in one of Onett's dialogues in his star journey quests.
  • The Tabby Bee, along with the Basic Bee and Rascal Bee are Onett's favorite bees.
  • Tabby Bee is mentioned in Panda Bear's dialogue during his Ultimate Ant Annihilation 1 quest.
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