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Sun Bear
Species Traveling Bear
Location Near Hive
Bee Prerequisites None
Color Scheme



Fur Shades












Sun Glasses



Sun Bear was a temporary Bear that appeared during April 27th, 2018 to May 13th, 2018 that gives 12 quests with a reward of originally a ticket for each quest, halfway reward of a Belt Bag and a final reward of a Mondo Belt Bag. He has now left and his quests have disappeared. But he has claimed that he will return sometime.


Quest Name Requirements Reward
Token Teaser
Bring On The Bombs
Boost Brilliance
A Need For Haste
  • Collect 150 Bomb Tokens.
  • Collect 150 Boost Tokens.
  • Defeat 2 Spiders.
Snag A Belt Bag
Focus Feature
Look At those Links
Bring Back The Boosts
Non-Stop Action
  • Collect 1000 Bomb Tokens.
  • Defeat 3 Werewolfs.
Fat Stacks
The Mondo Mission



  • In the quest 'Focus Feature', Sun Bear said to defeat a werewolf instead of 3 spiders.
  • Despite the ability to buy the belts he gave now, he hinted in coming back sometime if you completed all of his quests.
  • The new ability token badge is represented by him in the game's description.
  • After his visit, the belt bags can be bought in Pro Bear's Shop (Belt Bag) and the Mountain Top Shop (Mondo Belt Bag).
  • This is the first and currently the only bear to use Ability Tokens as the main requirement on the game.
  • There was a ticket behind Sun Bear’s trailer. When Sun Bear went away, the ticket stayed there, but now it’s gone.
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