The slingshot is available to you once you discover 8 bee types. It is located near the Clover Field. It quickly transports you either to the Panda Bear or to the area in front of the Pro Shop/Pineapple Patch[1]. If you have 8 bee types but don't yet have 10 bees (unlikely, but possible), you can use the slingshot to bypass the 10 Gate.

  1. The cause of the different destinations is described by Onett as "noob scripting". To increase your chances of launching to the Pro Shop (the intended destination), jump onto the pad; to increase your chances of launching to Panda Bear (the "it's a feature, not a bug" destination), walk onto the pad.
Sometimes using the Slingshot will Bring you to the Panda Bear (Monster Quest Bear) In the 5 bees area
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