Using items such as the glider and the parachute in combination with cannons you are able to bypass gates and other barriers.

Working Shortcuts

Rose Field Trip

In order to do this shortcut, you'll need the parachute, at least 10 bees in your hive, and at least 12 bees discovered.

  1. Go to the yellow cannon and glide down to the tallest mushroom in the mushroom field. You normally can't access this mushroom unless you glide to it with a parachute.
  2. After reaching the mushroom, you are free to glide off it and into Rose Field, allowing you to go anywhere in the 15 egg Zone.

Usage: This won't be useful for all beginners. For example, if you are nowhere near the discovery of 12 different bees, but rather closer to 15 eggs in your hive, you may be better off just getting to 15 to unlock the gate. However, if you can use the shortcut or get there normally, you can explore the 15 egg Zone, allowing you to get pollen more quickly, a golden egg in the cave by passing the cave monsters, and access to Polar Bear.

Rose Field Shortcut

In order to do this shortcut, you will just need the Propeller Hat or the Bear Bee.

  1. Go to the Sunflower Field, where the yellow land (the block that avoids you from entering the Rose field as a starter) is. After that, jump on to it like you would a common block. The Propeller Hat (or the Bear Bee) will give you enough jump power to reach the field. This shortcut may not seem useful because by the time you get the Propeller Hat you can generally reach 15 Bees, and most players with the Bear Bee have been around long enough to reach 15 Bees. However, it takes a long time to climb the whole mountain just to go to this field, and this might be easier.
5 Bee Gate shortcut

5 Bee Gate Shortcut

  1. With a 2D platformer camera angle, face against the wall and keep holding the D key.
  2. Jump and shift lock at the right time to glitch into the fence.
  3. Release shift lock right after and jump.

Remember to always hold D.

25 Bee Gate Shortcut

25 Bee Gate Shortcut

1. Go to the yellow cannon.

2. Use the yellow cannon and deploy the parachute to get on top of the hives.

3. Go outside the map. Head for the ticket tent and then to the red HQ. 

4. Go to the top of the 30 bee zone.

5. Using the parachute, glide back in the map and up to the 25 bee zone.

15 Bee Gate Shortcut

You can either jump with precise timing or use shift lock, Propeller Hat is required.

Sunflower to RED HQ2
Sunflower to Red HQ

No Longer Working Shortcuts (Patched)

Parachute Trip

In order to do this shortcut, you'll need the parachute, at least 10 bees in your hive, and at least 12 bees discovered.

  1. Go to the Yellow cannon, and use it. Mid-air, unfold your parachute and glide to the roof of Noob Bear's Shop.
  2. Go on top of the blue ledge and run your way to the top. You are now on the blue ledge and can glide anywhere you want, except into the Blue HQ

Usage: Go to any field or shop you want to go to using this shortcut. (excluding Blue HQ)