Price 3,500,000 Honey
Store Red HQ
Pollen Collection
Range 8 Flowers
Collecting Pattern Line
Collection including the center Center Collection Range
Collecting Time 0.45
Base Collection 6
Flowers Small Medium Large
White 6 12 18
Red 18 36 54
Blue 6 12 18
Special Multiplier(s): x3 Red Pollen Multiplier

The Scythe is a pollen collector that can be purchased at Red HQ for 3.5 million honey. It has a maximum pollen collection rate of about 320 per second. To get access to it, you need to discover 4 different red bee types.

The Scythe's average pollen collection rate is 177.78 pollen per second: 320 from red flowers and 106.67 from blue or white flowers.

In terms of absolute numbers, the Scythe collects the same amount of pollen per second as the Bubble Wand from the Blue HQ. However, the Scythe's shape is somewhat better suited to collecting goo.

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