The Robux Shop is a shop that requires Robux to purchase items. It can be accessed through the Shop tab. It is directly next to the System tab.

This shop sells game passes, Eggs, Royal Jelly, Honey, and Tickets. It sometimes sells limited-edition items, such as the Bear Bee.



Icon Item Name Price Description
Silver Egg Silver Egg 100 R$

Hatches into a special bee!

(65% Rare, 30% Epic, 5% Legendary)

Gold Egg Gold Egg 200 R$

Always hatches into an Epic or Legendary bee!

(80% Epic, 20% Legendary)

Diamond Egg Diamond Egg 400 R$

Always hatches into a Legendary bee!

(100% Legendary)

0665e92ec3925c8217134bd594c552dd Star Egg 1000 R$

Always hatches into a Gifted Bee that you not yet already have. (Limited 5 per user)

Royal Jelly

Icon Item Name Price Description
RJ Royal Jelly 50 R$ Transforms a bee's type. (70% rare, 27% epic and 3% legendary)
RJ 10 Royal Jellies 400 R$ A value pack of Royal Jellies. (20% Discount)
Icon Item Name Price Description
Ticket symbol Ticket 10 R$ Used to activate and purchase various things in the game.
Ticket symbol 25 Tickets 200 R$ A value pack of Tickets. (20% Discount)
Ticket symbol 100 Tickets 650 R$ A value pack of Tickets. (35% Discount)
Ticket symbol 500 Tickets 2500 R$ A value pack of Tickets. (50% Discount)

Game Passes (One-Time Purchases)

Icon Item Name Price Description
Honey x2 Honey Speed Pass 250 R$ Bees make honey twice as fast.
Bee x2 Bee Pollen Pass 400 R$ Bees collect twice as much pollen.
Ticket x2 Ticket Chance Pass
700 R$ Doubles your chance of receiving a ticket when defeating mobs and collecting pollen.
Icon Name Price Description
HoneyDrop Honey Pouch 25 R$ Instantly gain 2,500 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Sack 400 R$ Instantly gain 80,000 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Chest 2,000 R$ Instantly gain 600,000 honey.
HoneyDrop Honey Vault 4,000 R$ Instantly gain 2,000,000 honey.
Limited Edition Items/Packs
Icon Item Name Price Description
Bear Bee Gamepass Bear Bee 1000 R$ BEAR BEE! This limited edition bee will periodically transform YOU into a BEAR!

Perks of being a bear include:

  • x2 Pollen!!! (from all sources)
  • Run faster!
  • Jump higher!

(This is the 2nd Edition Bear Bee version. The 1st Edition version was available during the first month of the game's release for 650 Robux. For those that bought it during that time, will get a gifted version of Bear Bee and also a 1st Edition Flag on it.)

MemorialDayDeal Memorial Day Deal
(Off sale)
700 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 100 Tickets, 25,000 Honey
(One-time purchase. Only available for one week starting May 26th.)
Fruit Summer Treat Pack

(Off Sale)

300 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 250 Treats, 10,000 Honey and 25 of each special treat!

(Limit 1. Offer ends August 1st.)

Star-0 Summer Star Pack

(Off Sale)

1500 R$ 1 Star Egg, 250 Tickets, 10 Ant Passes, 100,000 Honey!

(Limit 1, Offer ends August 1st.)

Super Super Summer Star Pack

(Off Sale)

3500 R$ 1 Star Treat, 1,000 Tickets, 25 Ant Passes, 1,000,000 Honey!

(Limit 1. Offer ends August 1st.)

Diamond Moon Pack

Diamond Moon Pack

(Off Sale)

300 R$ 1 Diamond Egg, 25 Moon Charms, 10 Tickets, 100 Treats, and 25,000 Honey!

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 8.)

Stars And Spikes Pack

Stars And Spikes

(Off Sale)

1500 R$ 1 Star Egg, 150 Tickets, 100 Stingers, 1 Star Jelly, and 250,000 Honey!

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 8.)

September Star Special

September Star Special

(Off Sale)

3500 R$ 1 Star Treat, 600 Tickets, 100 Stingers, 50 Moon Charms, 1 Star Jelly, and 1,500,000 Honey!

(Limit 1. Offer ends Oct 8.)


  • With the exception of the game passes and the Bear Bee, everything else can be earned in-game.
  • The Robux Shop is the only shop that is in a Menu.
  • The x2 Ticket Chance pass is no longer in the Robux Shop anymore.
  • The Robux shop has more Items than any other shop In-Game
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