The Rhino Beetle is a mob, which currently defends four fields.


Field Quantity Level
Blue Flower Field 1 1
Clover Field 1 (with 1 Ladybug) 2
Bamboo Field 2 2 (on left)

3 (on right)

Pineapple Patch 1 (with 1 Mantis) 4





Rhino Beetle takes 5 minutes to respawn after being defeated. When defeated, it gives 50 honey and 1 battle point. It also has a 2% chance of dropping a ticket, and a chance of giving gumdrops, and blueberries. The amount of honey and the chances of getting a ticket, gumdrops, or blueberries can be increased with Luck. It has a very low chance of giving a Bumble Bee Egg. A Rhino Beetle can also drop royal jelly.


  • Rhino Beetles behaves very similarly to the King Beetle: it pauses to aim, then lunge. If the player stops to let them aim, then move, it will attack the spot where the player used to be, not the player's current location.
  • Some fields have objects that the player can try hiding behind, such as the stalks of bamboo in the Bamboo Field.
  • The Frozen Field Defenders Glitch works very well against Rhino Beetles.


  • The respawn timer for a Rhino Beetle currently actually counts down from 4 minutes and 40 seconds (previously it was 5 minutes and 15 seconds). However, as with most mobs, a Rhino Beetle doesn't always respawn immediately after its timer runs out.
  • Rhino Beetle is the most common mob in quantity of five.
  • There is an enemy similar to the Rhino Beetle, King Beetle. In fact, The King Beetle is a hybrid, made of a Ladybug and Rhino Beetle.
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