The Rhino Beetle is a mob which currently defends 4 fields.



Rhino Beetles takes 5 minutes and 15 seconds to respawn after being defeated. In the 5/9/2018 update, the chance of getting tickets through defeating Rhino Beetles was doubled. In the 5/26/2018 update, they can drop an amount of 1 Gumdrops.


+50 Honey (differs with luck)

+1 Ticket [2% Chance] (differs with luck)

+1 Gumdrops (unknown chance)

+1 Battle Point


To avoid damage, it is suggested to jump when in contact with Rhino Beetle as it can not see you in the air, works with all mobs except King Beetle and Cave Monster. A Rhino Beetle will come close to you while waiting for a second and then charge towards you, which inflicts damage. There are some places that you can be protected by it, such as hiding near the bamboo in the Bamboo Field so it won’t hit you.

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