Red HQ is a large base where all the red bees go to hang out at.

The entrance can be found past the Rose Field, so you need to be able to get past the Honey Bee Gate to get to it. However, even if you can get to the entrance, you can't enter the base unless you have discovered 4 different red bees.


From the inside, you can activate the Red Field Booster, take the Red Teleporter, purchase Red items, claim a hidden Ticket, or climb a ladder outside near the roof.

Royal Jelly

Climb the ladder to find a Royal Jelly on the roof next to the base.


To use the teleporter, walk onto its pad and press E. The teleporter will transport you to a hill behind Science Bear.

Red Field Booster

Players with more than 5 different types of red bees can use the red field booster, which increases the amount of pollen collected in a randomly selected red-colored field, such as the strawberry or mushroom field, for 15 minutes. There is a 2-hour cooldown time after using the booster.


There is a Ticket hidden near the back of the ceiling visible from the ladder. To reach it, build up stacks of Haste, climb the Red Teleporter, and jump to it.


Codes Roof

On the roof, there's a Promo Code on the back side of the white facade, near the large Scythe. Appropriately, it's the word "ROOF". (To see it, climb the ladder inside the HQ, then climb a second ladder to the roof.)


There is a store in the Red HQ which sells a few items. To open the store, press E while you're not on the teleporter's pad.

Item Cost Description
Red Guard
Red Guard
1,000,000 Honey A durable pad worn on the left shoulder of Red Beekeepers.
  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +25,000 Container Space
  • +10% Red Pollen
  • +5% Damage Reduction
Elite Red Guard
Elite Red Guard
8,000,000 Honey A Red Guard reserved for the most dedicated Red Beekeepers.
  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +50,000 Container Space
  • +15% Red Pollen
  • +7% Damage Reduction
  • +5% Critical Chance
Riley Guard
Riley Guard
60,000,000 Honey A piece of armor forged by the leader of the Red Bees!
  • [Left Shoulder]
  • +100,000 Container Space
  • +25% Red Pollen
  • +10% Damage Reduction
  • +10% Critical Chance
  • +150% Conversion Rate
3,500,000 Honey Collects 10 red, 9 white, or 8 blue pollen from a line 7 patches in 0.55 seconds.
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