Pumpkin Patch
Field Color White
Bee Prerequisites 15 bees
Field Dimensions
17Flower Count = 561

Pumpkin Patch is a field past the Honey Bee Gate. It is right across from the Cactus Field, with the Werewolf's Cave between the two fields. The aforementioned Werewolf defends both fields, plus the Pine Tree Forest.

The Pumpkin Patch is decorated with four pumpkins, with one in the near left and right-hand corners, and two in the far left corner. Three of the pumpkins are about the same size while the fourth one is fairly big.

The Pumpkin Patch is 17x33, with 561 flowers in total.The flowers are about three-fourths (76%) large and one-fourth (24%) medium. A bit more than half (57%) are white, and the remainder is almost evenly split between blue and red (21% and 22%, respectively).

Note: the graph below may not be correct, because the field's flowers are randomized.


White Blue Red Total
Small 0% 0% 0% 0%
Medium 14% 5% 5% 24%
Large 43% 16% 17% 76%
Total 57% 21% 22% 100%


  • There is a Royal Jelly behind the two pumpkins in the corner.
  • Before the 4/27/2018 update, the Pumpkin Patch had the same mix of flowers as the Cactus Field.
  • The big pumpkin in the corner can grow a face, blowing bubbles on the flowers and giving a higher chance of tickets and honey tokens.
  • This is the smallest field in the game.
  • There was a code "PumpkinOfJustice" (unavailable) that gave a x7 boost for this field.
  • This field is one of the two fields to have the word "Patch" in their name instead of "Field" with the Pineapple Patch being the other.
  • Pumpkin Patch Field Boosts obtained by the White Field Booster will be x2. (+100%)
  • On 10/31/2018, a new code "TrickOrTreat" was added which gives you a x6 boost for this field.
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