Pine Tree Forest
Field Color Blue
Bee Prerequisites 15 bees
Field Dimensions
16Flower Count = 704

The Royal Jelly on top of the tallest pine tree.

Pine Tree Forest is located behind the Honey Bee Gate. It is protected by two Mantises and, if you have not already defeated it on your way to this field, the Werewolf. The field is a 16x44 field, containing 704 flowers. It contains blue and white mostly-large flowers (about 85% blue and 15% white).

There is a Royal Jelly on top of the tallest pine tree in this field. To get it, "officially" you're supposed to do the snow parkour starting near Polar Bear using the parachute to glide to the next step. However, it is much, much easier using the Red Cannon and the parachute.

Bees that like the Pine Tree Forest are Bumble Bee, Bucko Bee, Bubble Bee, Diamond Bee, Carpenter Bee and Frosty Bee. Bees that dislike the Pine Tree Forest are Rascal Bee, Riley Bee, Rad Bee, Shy Bee, and Fire Bee.

Flowers White Blue Total
Small 4 1% 16 2% 20 3%
Medium 43 6% 170 24% 213 30%
Large 59 8% 412 59% 471 67%
Total 106 15% 598 85% 704 100%

Note: the flowers in fields are randomly generated, so the flower counts above may not be 100% correct for you. The percentages should be roughly correct, however.


  • Pine Tree Forest Field Boosts obtained by the Blue Field Booster will be x1. (+100%)
  • It is recommended to use the Bubble Wand when farming in this field according to Onett, but this Doesn't seem true because the Porcelain Dipper seems to preform better.
  • The Pine Tree Forest is the only field with "Forest" in it's name instead of "Field".
  • Pineapple Patch and Pumpkin Patch are the other fields without "Field" in their name, but instead of "Field" both have "Patch".
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