Panda Bear
Species Quest Bear
Location near Bamboo Field
Bee Prerequisities 5 bees
Color Scheme




Fur Shade










The Panda Bear is the third Bear to be accessed in the game, after obtaining 5 bees to pass the Basic Bee Gate or you can use the Slingshot by discovering 8 types of bees and walking on it. After passing the gate, go to the right and to the Bamboo Field. Go to the end of it and you should see a mini ramp next to the Brave Bee Gate which leads you to it. Its quests are all about defeating Mobs.

Quest List

Quest Name Requirements Reward
Rhino Rumble 500 Honey
Beetle Battle 1000 Honey
Spider Slayer 1000 Honey, Royal Jelly
Ladybug Bonker 4000 Honey
Spider Slayer 2 10000 Honey
Rhino Wrecking 8000 Honey
Final Showdown 15000 Honey, Silver Egg
Werewolf Hunter 1000 Honey, Royal Jelly
Skirmish with Scorpions 5000 Honey, Royal Jelly
Mantis Massacre 10000 Honey, Royal Jelly
The REAL Final Showdown 100000 Honey, Gold Egg
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