Onett after Sep 10 update

Onett is an interactive character past the 30 Bee Gate. He gives out a series of five quests. The rewards for the last quest includes a Star Treat. He is considered the hardest quest giver in the game, requesting you to collect over 3,000,000,000 pollen, over 100,000,000 Goo and over 150,000 tokens throughout all of his Star Journey Quests.


Star Treat Quests

Quest Name Requirements Rewards
Star Journey 1 5,000,000 Honey
25x Royal Jelly
1,000x Treat
10x Ticket
25x Pineapple
Star Journey 2 10,000,000 Honey
50x Royal Jelly
2,000x Treat
15x Ticket
Star Journey 3 25,000,000 Honey
75x Royal Jelly
5,000x Treat
20x Ticket
Star Journey 4 50,000,000 Honey
100x Royal Jelly
7,000x Treat
25x Ticket
Star Journey 5 100,000,000 Honey
10,000x Treat
50x Ticket
Star Treat


Quest Dialogue
Star Journey 1 Whoa! You made it to the very top of the mountain! That was a lot faster than I expected. So fast that I haven't even finished getting this place ready... I'm working on opening this big lid over here. It's pretty tricky... stuck real tight. When I get it open I'll probably need you guys to help me out with whatever's inside. Until then, I guess I can put you and your bees to the test. You'll have until I get this thing open to finish 5 quests. Complete all 5 and I'll give you a [Star Treat]. A [Star Treat] always converts a bee into a Gifted bee. And as a matter of fact, they're the only way to obtain Gifted Event bees. These quests are absurdly hard. The point is to keep you top beekeepers busy! If you're not up to the challenge don't complain to me!!!!!! I got a lot to do!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I got a little carried away there... Anyways, I've put quest #1 in your Quest menu.


This lid is stuck on tight. I'm working hard to figure out how to open it.


Bee Swarm Simulator is my first ROBLOX game. I use this as my excuse every time I run into problems! If I was a little more experienced, I bet this area would be done by now. You're lucky I'm not! You get to do these quests!

Star Journey 2 Who would have thought a ROBLOX game would require so much work? A simple lid like this is taking me weeks to open... The bears and bees don't make it any easier! They're friendly to you all but they always give me problems. If they keep complaining I'm getting rid of all the fields except the Dandelion Field! I wouldn't really do that though. Anyways, I'll put quest #2 in your Quest menu.


The worst part about the bears is having to write their lines. They don't say much, but even that's too much for me! I'M NOT A WRITER!!!! Why can't the bears just think for themselves? I'm looking at you Science Bear.


"Simulator" games seem all about the rush of a reward after pushing through monotonous tasks. Not so different from what motivates most of us to work in real lives! The promise of a reward gives meaning to our work... at least that's how we feel. I really think it's the work itself that keeps us playing! Do you think that mean's [sic] I also enjoy opening this lid? Um... I won't think about it too hard. Three more quests and you'll get that [Star Treat].

Star Journey 3 I really like bees and bears even if I sometimes get tired of them. I don't think anyone can deny how impressive bees are. So coordinated and organized. Not only that, but they pollinate plants and make us honey. Bees really feel like a force for good don't they? Bears are great because they look like big dogs. They seem like gentle giants even though I know they usually arent. [sic] In this game we just focus on the good stuff about bears and bees I guess. The bees don't even have stingers. Anyways, what was I doing? Oh yeah! I'll put the next Star Journey quest in your Quest menu. This one has a lot of blue stuff. Ok, now I'll get to... opening this lid?


The red and blue dichotomy isn't as interesting as I hoped for. I'll keep trying to differentiate them cause right now they're basically mirror images of eachother.[sic] At least it gives some variety on a superficial level! (cough) Ok well let's get back to work.


Oh, nice you're done! By the way... Did you know the King Beetle has a 1 in 7 chance of dropping a [King Beetle Amulet]? Also, every time you defeat a King Beetle, the quality of amulets you get from it tends to go up. This caps out at 100 King Beetle kills. I hoped this mechanic would make defeating the King Beetle more exciting. We'll see how that works out... Anyways here's a bunch of stuff as a reward! I know that was hard. Nothing compared to the next two though.

Star Journey 4 ROBLOX is really something else! The developer studio is simple to use and Lua is a versatile and forgiving scripting language. If you had told me a year ago I'd be working on a ROBLOX game full time... I never would have believed you! I didn't even know making ROBLOX games full time was a thing. It has been a ton of fun and extremely rewarding. I'm excited to keep working on Bee Swarm Simulator and more ROBLOX games in the future. But I got to stay focused on opening this lid first... If only I had more upper arm strength. Maybe if my bees had arms... Anyways, get ready for a tough one. I've put the 4th quest in your quest menu.
Do you have a favorite bee? I like Rascal Bee's laughing face. I also love Tabby Bee because it looks like my cat. And I'm sure you can tell I like Basic Bee a lot. I put Basic Bee in every game icon cause [sic] it's #1.


Wow! You really like making honey! Oh - how was the goo collecting? Thought you were safe with Gummy Bear gone didn't you? Hah! I spent a long time making the goo so you guys are going to use it whether you like it or not. (Actually I'll try to save it for only the most difficult quests) 1 more quest to go! Then you get that [Star Treat]!

Star Journey 5 You've made a lot of progress on these quests but I've hardly nudged this lid open at all. Hopefully this last one will take you a long time. This update is designed to extend the end game - that's the main goal. Gifted Bees brings a new "tier" past Legendary. Leveling bees offers a new use for honey. The Ant Challenge gives you a repeatable objective that'll always let you challenge yourself. And the [Star Amulets] act as the ultimate end game goal. You need 30 different Gifted Bee types to obtain a [Diamond Star Amulet]! Even the top players in the world should take a while to reach that. That's the plan anyhow... It'll all have to hold you over until I get this "lid" OPEN. Time for the last Star Journey quest! Good Luck!!


It's tricky to give a simulator game longevity, especially without rebirths. On top of that, I'm running out of resources on this map - if I add too much more, it'll increase the lag! The game is already pretty laggy sometimes as I'm sure you've seen. I'll work on that after this lid comes off.


Holy moly! You and your bees did it all! You must be in like the top 0.01% of ALL players! You must really want this [Star Treat]. It's all yours! I really appreciate the dedication you've shown to the game by the way. Players like you are the ones who keep me motivated the most! I promise I'll keep working to give you guys more goals and keep Bee Swarm Simulator growing. First thing I got to do is open this lid! I'll let you know when I've finished.

Post-quests I like honey but I don't like it THAT much.


  • He is the first quest giver that is not a bear/bee.
  • The amount of pollen in Onett’s pack (32318), represents the date when Bee Swarm Simulator was first released.
  • Since Gummy Bear left, Onett's and Science Bear's quests were the only ones that include collecting Goo. After the 11/30/18 update, Gifted Bucko and Gifted Riley require goo for their "clean up" missions.
  • There is a statue of Onett on top of the 6th hive with the Honey Dipper and the Port-O-Hive as a backpack, while the Onett NPC has a Porcelain Dipper, Porcelain Port-O-Hive, Mondo Belt Bag, Riley Guard, Bucko Guard, Beekeeper's Mask and Beekeeper's Boots.
  • Star Journey 1 was originally planned for players to collect 500 haste tokens, not 5000. But because of a scripting error, the requirement was set to what is now today.
  • Onett gives 5 quests, the least of all quest givers in the game.
  • Onett is currently the last quest giver to be accessed in the game.
  • In Onett´s backpack, it says that it´s container space rises up to 500k when considering the items he wears, it should be about at least 750k of total container space.
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