The Mountain Top Shop (also known as the Glider Shop because of the glider on its facade) is located past the Lion Bee Gate. Before the Mountain Top Field's name was known, this shop used to be called the 25 Bee Shop. This shop sells various high-end items.

The shop is run by Top Bear. There is a Royal Jelly on the roof of the shop and a ticket behind the item counter.

Item Cost Description
Beekeeper's Mask
25,000,000 Honey A veiled hat only worn by real-deal beekeepers.
  • +25% Pollen From Bees
  • +25% Instant Conversion
  • +25% Damage Reduction
  • +10% Bee Ability Rate
  • +100% Luck
  • +20 Jump Power
  • +6 Speed
Mondo Belt Bag
Mondo Belt Bag
12,600,000 Honey A convenient pouch designed for easy access.
  • +50,000 Container Space
  • +100% Conversion Rate
  • +2% Critical Chance
Porcelain Dipper
Porcelain Dipper
100,000,000 Honey Collects 1 pollen from 81 surrounding patches in 0.75 seconds. Collects x3 from white flowers.
Porcelain Port-O-Hive
Porcelain Port-O-Hive
250,000,000 Honey The rarest and most precious Port-O-Hive in the world. Can store up to 500,000 pollen.
5,000,000 Honey Floats much faster than the Parachute, allowing you to fly through the sky!

Press jump while in the air to open.

Hive Slot
3,000,000* Honey (Price increases every time you buy one) Increases the capacity of slots your hive has, allowing you to hatch an additional bee!
50,000 Honey Gives you an item to place on a bee's comb to evict it. This is used if a player cannot afford a Hive Slot and they need to add a bee.
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