A Ladybug is a mob which defends three fields.

This is one of the first mobs a player will encounter when starting off (the other one being the Rhino Beetle).

It takes about 5 minutes for the Ladybug to respawn after being defeated. Defeating it gives one battle point and 50 honey. There is approximately a 2% chance that defeating it will also give a ticket, and a chance to get a strawberry. There is also an unknown chance that it will give a gumdrop. In addition, there is even a smaller chance you can obtain a Rascal Bee Egg or a Royal Jelly. The amount of honey and the chance for tickets/gumdrops or strawberry is increased with Luck.

Ladybug levels can range from 1-3 depending on the field.


Field Quantity Level
Mushroom Field 1 1
Clover Field 1 (with 1 Rhino Beetle) 2
Strawberry Field 2 2 (on right)

3 (on left)





  • The respawn timer for a Ladybug currently counts down from 4 minutes and 40 seconds (previously it was 5 minutes and 15 seconds.) However, as with most mobs, Ladybugs do not always respawn immediately after their timer runs out.
  • There is a glitch that it will also attack you from outside the mushroom field if the player gets to close to it.
  • Another glitch is that the Ladybug would completely ignore the player. This was patched on the 5/11 update.
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