Inside the king beetle's lair


Entrance to King Beetle's Lair

The King Beetle Lair is the home of the King Beetle. It can be accessed from the Blue Flower Field by climbing a blue flower next to the Clover Field, and can be exited by climbing a ladder inside the lair.

It is located right under Clover Field, and also close to Blue Flower Field and the Noob Shop Parkour.

The King Beetle spawns on the back wall adjacent to the Noob Shop Parkour.

Near the back right corner of the lair, there's some text on the floor. "Song Name" refers to the song that plays inside the lair, and is a hint to a code. (The answer, and thus the code, is Crawlers.)


  • In early versions of Bee Swarm Simulator, if you go too close to the side of the lair that is closest to the Noob Shop you might die due to the leaking lava from the parkour in the shop. Luckily, the leaking lava was put back into the Noob Shop Parkour.

    A spike as seen from the lair (with the honeystorm pole visible at the top right)

  • If Vicious Bee is attacking someone in the Clover Field while you're in the lair, you might see the bottoms of some of her spikes.
  • The bottom of the post for the Honeystorm pad's sign pokes into the top of the lair.
  • If there's a seedling in the Clover Field, the bottom of its light column and the remaining pollen number are visible in the lair.

    A Clover Field seedling as seen in the lair

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