The Instant Converter is a machine used to immediately convert Pollen into Honey, similar to a Hive but without the use of your Bees. It costs 1 Ticket and can be used every 10 minutes.

There are three Instant Converters:

  1. Behind the Basic Egg Shop, next to the Sunflower Field. This one is available to all players.
  2. Just around the corner from the Brave Bee Gate, so you need either 10 bees or 8 bee types to access it.
  3. Next to the Mountain Top Field, so you need either 25 bees or 22 bee types to access it.

The 10 minute cooldown is per converter.

Your honey per pollen rate (which can be increased by earning the Sunflower badges) affects the Instant Converter, too.



"Black Bear's Title?" Code hint behind the Converter

  • Behind the converter in the Brave Bee area, there is a question that asks 'Black Bear's Title?'. This question is a hint to the code 'Connoisseur', as Black Bear claims to be a Honey Connoisseur in one of his dialogues.
  • You can jump into the chute of the converter in the Brave Bee area. It leads to a white tunnel with a winking Basic Bee image at the end. There's a pad in the middle of the tunnel that will transport you to the converter behind the Basic Egg Shop. Don't linger in the tunnel too long or a mob will spawn in there, chasing you down.
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