A honey token/Honey Gift

Honey is the main currency in Bee Swarm Simulator.



Honey can be used to purchase items such as pollen collectors, pollen storage, and in-game clothing such as guards and gliders. Honey can also be used to purchase consumables such as Tickets, Basic Eggs, Royal Jellies, Hive Slots, and Evictions. The price of many consumables increases with each purchase.

Obtaining Honey

Honey is usually obtained by converting pollen into it. It can be converted at the hive or instantly converted using an Instant Converter. Honey can also be obtained by completing quests, redeeming Codes, defeating mobs, and collecting Sparkles and Goo on chosen fields. Some bees have the ability to give a Honey Gift or a Token Link, whereas some hats and guards have the ability to instantly convert pollen into honey while in the field and increase luck, a game mechanic that increases the chances of spawning a wild Honey Token. You can also get Honey for participating in Ant Challenge. Additionally, honey can be instantly obtained from Honeystorms or the Honey Dispenser for club members.

Conversion Rate

Bees convert pollen into honey at a set rate. For example, Basic Bee makes 80 honey in 4 seconds, translating to a conversion rate of 20 honey per second. Badges, in-game clothing, game passes, and Science Enhancement can increase the conversion rate. The production rate stacks and adds up. There is currently no conversion rate cap in the game.

Honey Collection with Science Enhancement

Science Enhancement Production Rate Honey per second (Basic Bee)
1 25% 25
2 50% 30
3 75% 35
4 100% 40
5 125% 45
6 150% 50
7 175% 55
8 200% 60

Science Enhancement Production Rate Honey per second (Basic Bee)
9 225% 65
10 250% 70
11 275% 75
12 300% 80
13 325% 85
14 350% 90
15 375% 95
16 400% 100

Honey Collection with In-game Clothing
Clothing Category Name Instant Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Produced Honey (Basic Bee)
Instant Hive
Hats Helmet 10% 1 80
Propeller Hat 15% 1.5 80
Beekeeper's Mask 25% 2.5 80
Guards Elite Blue Guard 10% 1 80
Bucko Guard 15% 1.5 80
Riley Guard 150% 0 200
Bags Belt Bag 50% 0 120
Mondo Belt Bag 100% 0 160