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An unclaimed hive.


The Hive, also known as the Honeycomb, is where your Bees go to rest and to make Honey. Upon joining a server, you must first claim a hive by following a red arrow and pressing ''E'' to claim it. You must place Eggs and Royal Jellies in hives to use them.

There are 5 hives in a server. A basic hive contains 25 slots for bees. You can expand your hive by buying additional Hive Slots at the Mountain Top Shop. The maximum number of bees a hive can contain is 50, but the price of that many hive slots is prohibitive.

On top of the 5th hive, there is a statue of Onett, the game's creator. This statue can sometimes fall off and land in the rightmost hive.

Each Bee's hive slot has the face of the bee icon in the Bee's color. The background of the hive slot is based on the Bee's rarity; Bronze for Common, White for Rare, Bright Yellow for Epic, Aqua Blue for Legendary, and Green for Event. If a bee is gifted than a thin yellow line will trace the hive slot border.

A fully expanded row hive.