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A Gumdrop is an item introduced in the 5/26/18 Goo Event update. When you use it, it drops goo in random spots around the field you are in. Goo grants bonus honey. Bigger goo puddles yield more honey.

You can use a gumdrop by clicking it in the inventory or by pressing "G". There is a 0.7-second cool-down time between uses. If you attempt to use gumdrops before the cool-down is over, a message in the bottom right corner will say: [Must wait X seconds to use gumdrops again]. If you don't have any gumdrops, a message will appear saying : [You don't have any Gumdrops], meaning the player must get more to use.

Gumdrops can be obtained by:

  • Spending a ticket at the Gumdrop Shop (3 gumdrops per ticket)
  • Killing mobs (Anywhere from 0 to 5 gumdrops per mob, depending on random chance and the type of mob)
  • Using active codes:
    • "1mFavorites" (5 gumdrops + other things)
  • Before Gummy Bear left, completing his quests each gave one gumdrop, except for the last quest, for which the reward was a Gummy Bee Egg.
    • Finding the Gumdrop Token next to the Gumdrop Shop, where the Gummy Cannon used to be (5 gumdrops, not obtainable anymore)
    • Using the Honey Dispenser (1 gumdrop per use)



  • The gumdrop flavors are pink lemonade and honeydew as Onett once mentioned.
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