The Global Top Honeymakers Leaderboard showing the top eight positions as of 10/28/2018.

The Global Top Honeymakers Leaderboard (also called the Overall Honey Leaderboard) is one of the three leaderboards in the game, the others being the Global Top Battlers Leaderboard and the Global Top Ant Exterminators Leaderboard. This leaderboard shows how much honey players have collected over time. It shows 8 leaderboard positions at one time. The player can scroll down the leaderboard to see more players, all the way to the 50th place.

On 8/1/2018, SDMittens collected a total of 100 billion honey in total. An in-game message appeared congratulating the achievement.

RobloxScreenShot20180801 035411192

If you step on the white pad in front of it, the message "You've made X Honey" will appear.

The top honeymaker as of 11/17/2018 is SDMittens, with over 600B honey total.

Top 3 Honeymakers (Last updated 11/17/2018)

RobloxScreenShot20181117 111646380

Global Top Honeymakers Leaderboard as of 11/17/2018

SDMittens - 608,806,180,229

TtILvr - 448,650,167,167

gumaden - 403,851,932,123


It is located near the hives and on the opposite side of the fence to the Dandelion Field.

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