Glitches are things that can happen in-game that are clearly unintended (and thus liable to be patched in future versions). They can be helpful, such as firing the Cannon twice to speed up Gummy Bear quests, or unhelpful, such as killing you with lava.

Max capacity glitch (patched)

This glitch existed in earlier versions of the game.

  1. Collect more than 150 pollen in one bag, but do not convert it to honey.
  2. Switch the bag to a pouch.
  3. All the pollen would still be stored in the pouch, and when converted into honey, the capacity for the pouch would become the amount of pollen the player had when it was equipped.

This worked for all bags except the Port-o-Hive since there is at the time no better bag than it.

The way this was fixed is that now if switched to a smaller bag that can't hold all your pollen, you simply lose the excess pollen.

Out of map Glitch

There are multiple ways to go outside the game map.

  1. Use the yellow cannon in combination with luck, perseverance, and the parachute.
  2. Use the red cannon in combination with the parachute.
  3. If the red cannon is feeling feisty, use the red cannon without the parachute. 4.Use the red cannon and go over the tunnel, 30 bee area and the bear gate.
RobloxScreenShot20180505 094121349 (2)

The results of going outside the map will depend on where the player ends up.

  • If the player gets close to the outside wall of Blue HQ, the player can access the shop.
  • Some of the red "lava" from the Noob Shop obstacle course can be found outside the map. It'll kill the player just as effectively as it would inside the map..

Noob shop death

There is a point on the wall to the right of Noob Bear where the "lava" from the obstacle has escaped its bounds. If you touch it, it'll kill you.

Stuck in shop

To activate this glitch, enter any shop and then reset your character. You will still be in the shop, but there won't be a Close Shop button.

RobloxScreenShot20180701 103735165

Like This

The only way to recover from this situation is to leave the game and come back.

Frozen field-defenders (Patched)

(This may not really fit the definition of a glitch...) Mobs get confused when you're in the air. You can take this to the extreme by going into a defended field, waiting until the mob is close enough to you for your bees to attack it, and then holding down your jump button so that you jump continuously. The mob will appear frozen, as each time you leave the field (by jumping) it wants to retreat, but each time you enter the field (by landing between jumps) it wants to attack. It was later stated by Onett that he wouldn't fix this glitch because he doesn't want players having an extremely hard time defeating pesky mobs.

Note that this method will work similarly for the King Beetle, as repeatedly jumping and gliding with a Glider will confuse him, making him jump in random directions

Confused bee

This glitch causes a bee to spin around the flower it wants to collect, rather than collecting it. To fix it, clear out the patch the bee is stuck in, and the bee will go somewhere else or just leave the patch and the bee will follow you.

Scythe + Cannons (partially Patched)

If you have the Scythe equipped, the cannons will often (not always) seriously undershoot you. The yellow cannon, which is supposed to put you down on or near the respawn point, will sometimes only get you to the edge of the Dandelion Field, and in extreme cases, will only get you to the Blue Flower Field. The blue cannon, which ordinarily puts you down in the middle of the Clover Field, will instead get you on or near the ramp to the Basic Bee Gate. And the red cannon, which is supposed to shoot you into the Mountain Top Field, will barely get you to the Spider Field. (Oddly enough, the slingshot - ordinarily pretty glitchy regardless of your tool - doesn't exhibit any glitches with the Scythe.)

The workaround is to put away your pollen collector before using a cannon. Alternatively, if you have a parachute or glider, deploying it once you're high enough up can help you get to where you want to go.

Bugged shop text (patched)

On the update of 5/9/2018, the text that doesn't fit on the shop GUI starts changing its shape in a flashing way.

Since the update of 5/12/2018, this has been fixed.
RobloxScreenShot20180701 103735165

Like This

Zombie mob

Dead Werewolf still alive

Werewolf affected by glitch

Sometimes, when bees attack a mob, it refuses to die. The mob is left with an empty health bar, but still alive.  The mob is still able to attack the player, but the bees go back to collecting pollen because they think that the mob is dead. The only way to fix this is to respawn the mob: go out of the field and wait for the mob to disappear, then re-enter the field. This could be a result of bad lag.   

Multi Cannon shot

When you click 'E' very fast the cannon will shoot you multiple times. This is very useful for gummy bear quests as each fire counts for the quest. You can get more shots in if your internet connection is slow.

Stuck in wall


If Bear Morph is active and you get too close to an outside wall, you can get stuck in the wall. You remain stuck while the bear transformation lasts. If you try to do this on purpose, there is a extremely high chance you will get this glitch. Usually, as soon as you regain your usual form, you can move again. (If not, leave the game and come back instead of resetting your character, so you don't lose the pollen in your pack.)

It is possible to get stuck in the wall even without Bear Morph, but that's much rarer.

Scythe Speed Boost (patched)

Pressing W and D altogether while equipping the Scythe makes you leap forwards, and fast. You can also hold just D, just A, just S and more.

Booster extreme cooldown


Extremely long cooldown

This glitch can be found on all boosters and the instant converter. The admin has given a statement about this bug and how to fix it.

We think it’s a problem with the player’s time settings in their devices. If you tell the player to make sure all time settings are accurate on their device, it should provide a fix until we solve the bug.

Parachute/Glider glitch

If you’re using the Parachute or the Glider when you activate a cannon, then the cannon will fire, but you will not move. This is very hard to achieve since you have to get the timing perfectly right.

No Honey Glitch

Sometimes people are just unable to transform their pollen into honey on it's hive, to fix it reload the game.

White Face Glitch

A very unusual glitch, it makes all bees faces white-colored, usually happens when the loading had failures.

No Music Glitch(patched)

Just go through the Basic Bee Gate, then back though once the music starts to fade out. The result is no music, even if the music setting in the Settings Page is on. Another way to do this is to, first, use the yellow cannon, then get to an area where the music changes(like the starter fields) without landing. Then turn to a different area where the music changes (like the fields past the Basic Bee Gate) once the music starts to fade out. Even if you use any of these ways, going though the Basic Bee Gate fixes the glitch, and the music turns to normal.

Starter Music Glitch

Sometimes if you use the Yellow Cannon and parachute onto the direct edge (one of your feet can go off the edge) of the 15 bee area, by the Red HQ and Rose Field, it may keep playing the starter music. To fix it, just go into the starter area and go into the 5 Bee Area, It will turn back to the 5 and above area music.

Dead bear glitch

Sometimes for no reason, bears die. We don’t know why this happens.

Ant Challenge Glitch

When a player is doing ant challenge, you can touch the white door on the left side of the green box and teleport inside. The player will keep getting teleport to the middle of the green box. Occasionally the system will stop the teleportation and players can farm in ant challenge field. The challenger cannot do the challenge(i.e. trolling).

RobloxScreenShot20180713 000137020

Wrong Rarity Glitch

The bees in other hives have the wrong rarity icons. The player's hive will not receive the glitch and only you can see messed up icons on other hives. This is purely a visual glitch and will not affect game play in any way. Normally when this glitch occurs the rarity will be right, but the face will be wrong.


Almost Dead Glitch

This glitch happens when lagging. if the player still has the forcefield, and uses the red cannon and land on any gate with insufficient bees, when the forcefield runs out, the player will not die. Instead, the player will have low HP.

Auto Walk Glitch (Mobile)

When the player use the thumbstick while opening a shop, the thumbstick will be stuck in place and cannot be moved. The player's character then automatically walks in the direction the camera is facing at. This can be fixed by clicking the menu button on the top right corner.

Ant Entry Glitch

In the ant challenge, there is a very slim chance the ant pass will fail. Thankfully, you keep your pass but have to wait 5 minutes to try and enter again.

Infinite energy glitch

If you Royal jelly an exhausted bee the energy of the new bee will be 28000000