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Max Capacity Glitch (Patched)

This glitch existed in earlier versions of the game.

  1. Collect more than 150 pollen in one bag, but do not convert it to honey.
  2. Switch your bag to a pouch.
  3. All your pollen would still be stored in the pouch, and when you converted it into honey the capacity for the pouch would become the amount of pollen you had when you equipped it.

This worked for all bags except the Port-o-Hive since there was at the time no better bag than it.

The way this was fixed is that now if you switch to a smaller bag that can't hold all your pollen, you simply lose the excess pollen.

Out of Map Glitch


There are multiple ways to go outside the game map.

  1. Use the yellow cannon in combination with luck, perseverance, and the parachute.
  2. Use the red cannon in combination with the parachute.
  3. If the red cannon is feeling feisty, use the red cannon without the parachute.
  4. Find the gap in the wall next to Red HQ .
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The results of going outside the map will depend on where you end up.

  • If you get close to the outside wall of Blue HQ, you can access the shop.
  • Some of the red "lava" from the Noob Shop obby can be found outside the map. It'll kill you just as effectively as it would inside the map.
  • There are invisible barriers in some areas, such as near the hives. These don't really do anything other than preventing you from walking all the way around the game.
  • There is also an invisible teleport wall around most of the game. Its distance from the walls varies, but once you hit it, you'll be instantly teleported to the game spawn point.

Noob Death Glitch ( Patched)

There is a point on the wall to the right of Noob Bear where the "lava" from the obby has escaped its bounds. If you touch it, it'll kill you.

Stuck in Shop Glitch

To activate this glitch, enter any shop and then reset your character. You will still be in the shop, but there won't be a Close Shop button.

The only way to recover from this situation is to leave the game and come back.

Frozen Field-Defenders Glitch

Mobs get confused when you're in the air. You can take this to the extreme by going into a defended field, waiting until the mob is close enough to you for your bees to attack it, and then hold down your jump button so that you jump continuously. The mob will appear frozen, as each time you leave the field (by jumping) it wants to retreat, but each time you enter the field (by landing between jumps) it wants to attack.

Note that this method does not work against the King Beetle.

Confused Bee Glitch

This glitch causes a bee to spin around the flower it wants to collect, rather than collecting it. To fix it, clear out the patch the bee is stuck in, and the bee will go somewhere else, or just leave the patch and the bee will follow you.

Bugged Shop Text Glitch (Patched)

On the update 5/9/2018 the text that do not fits on the shop GUI starts changing it´s shape in a flashing way.

Since the update 5/12/2018 this has been fixed