Emoticons are a mechanic for showing a bee's mood. Mood affects whether a bee gains bond from an interaction. It does not affect other stats, such as pollen collection rate or honey conversion speed.

Bee Moods

  • A bee will express happiness if it is fed a treat, or if it is working (or most recently was working) in a field that it likes.
  • A bee will express unhappiness if it is working in a field that it dislikes, or if the last field it worked in was one that it dislikes. Bees do not gain any bond while collecting pollen from a disliked field.

Field Preferences

Note: Bee preferences will remain persist (unchanged) even after you left the field and have not gone to another. Keep this in mind if you want observation data to fill this article table!

Bee Type Likes Dislikes
Basic Bee Mountain Top, Sunflower Spider
Bomber Bee Cactus, Dandelion Pumpkin
Brave Bee Spider, Clover Dandelion
Bumble Bee Blue Flower Mushroom
Cool Bee Blue Flower Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Hasty Bee Pine Tree Forest, Sunflower Pumpkin
Looker Bee Mountain Top Sunflower
Rad Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose Pine Tree Forest
Rascal Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose Bamboo, Pine Tree Forest
Stubborn Bee Dandelion Rose, Cactus
Bubble Bee Pine Tree Forest, Bamboo Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Bucko Bee Blue Flower, Pine Tree Forest, Mountain Top, Bamboo Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Commander Bee Rose, Spider, Pumpkin Dandelion
Demo Bee Dandelion, Cactus Rose
Exhausted Bee Dandelion, Sunflower Cactus
Fire Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose Pine Tree Forest
Frosty Bee Blue Flower, Mountain Top Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Honey Bee Mountain Top, Pumpkin Spider
Rage Bee Spider, Dandelion, Rose Blue Flower, Pine Tree Forest
Riley Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose Bamboo, Pine Tree Forest
Shocked Bee Spider, Pineapple, Dandelion Mushroom
Baby Bee Dandelion, Sunflower, Pineapple, Mushroom, Blue Flower Rose, Cactus, Pine Tree Forest, Spider, Stump
Carpenter Bee Sunflower, Bamboo Mountain Top
Demon Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose, Spider Mountain Top
Diamond Bee Blue Flower, Pineapple, Bamboo Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Lion Bee Pineapple Clover
Music Bee Clover, Dandelion, Strawberry, Spider Cactus
Ninja Bee Blue Flower, Sunflower, Pumpkin Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose
Shy Bee Mushroom, Strawberry, Rose, Pumpkin Pine Tree Forest
Bear Bee Pine Tree Forest , Pumpkin Blue Flower
Cobalt Bee Pine Tree Forest, Mountain Top, Clover Pineapple
Crimson Bee Rose, Mountain Top, Clover Pineapple
Gummy Bee Mountain Top, Pineapple, Spider Pumpkin
Photon Bee Pineapple, Pumpkin Clover
Tabby Bee Clover, Spider Cactus
Puppy Bee Clover Rose
Vicious Bee Cactus, Rose Dandelion