Eggs are items obtained from Bears, Onett, the Basic Egg Shop, around the map, the Ticket tent, or from the Robux Shop. There are multiple types of eggs: the randomized eggs, which have different probabilities of hatching specific tiers of bees; and event-bee eggs, which always hatch one specific event bee.

To hatch an egg, go to your hive and open the Egg Menu. Find the egg in your inventory and drag it to an available hive slot. (Only slots that are adjacent to already-filled slots are available.)

Types of Eggs

Randomized Eggs

There are four types of eggs that hatch a random type of bee. Better eggs give higher-tier bees.

  • Basic Egg, an ordinary beehive egg. Hatches into a Basic Bee 87% of the time, a rare bee 10% of the time, an epic bee 2.5% of the time, and a legendary bee 0.5% percent of the time.
  • Silver egg has a 65% chance of hatching into a rare bee, 30% chance of an epic bee, and a 5% chance of a legendary bee.
  • Gold egg has an 80% chance of hatching into an epic bee, and has a 20% chance of a legendary bee.
  • Diamond Egg is guaranteed to hatch into a legendary bee.
  • Gifted Egg is guranteed to give a gifted bee that you don't already have.
  • Gifted Silver Egg gives a guaranteed gifted bee with the same chance as silver egg based on rarity.

Event Bee Eggs

Event Bee Eggs are special eggs that are guaranteed to give a specific event bee. After an Event Bee Egg is hatched, it turns into a permanent Royal Jelly of that specific bee. The Event Royal Jelly will turn any bee into the Event Bee. It cannot be applied if the player already has that event bee in their hive.

  • Photon Bee Egg is purchasable for 500 Tickets at the Ticket Tent.
  • Cobalt Bee Egg is purchasable for 250 Tickets at the Ticket Tent.
  • Crimson Bee Egg is purchasable for 250 Tickets at the Ticket Tent.
  • Bear Bee Egg is purchasable for 1000 Robux in the Robux shop, Was once 650 Robux.
  • Tabby Bee Egg is purchasable at the Ticket Tent for 500 Tickets, Was once 250 Tickets.
  • Gummy Bee Egg Is purchasable for 500 Tickets,  Was obtained after finishing all of Gummy Bear's quests.


Basic Egg Basic EggSilver Egg Silver EggGold Egg Gold EggDiamond Egg Diamond Egg