The Diamond Egg is an egg that is guaranteed to hatch into a Legendary Bee. It can be obtained by buying it for 400 Robux from the Robux Shop, completing all of Black Bear's main quests, completing one of Panda Bear's quests, or by grabbing the diamond egg beyond the Bear Gate under the platform.

Defeating the Werewolf or King Beetle also gives an unknown chance (probably very low) of receiving a diamond or gifted egg.

Methods to Obtain the Diamond Egg

  • Completing all of Black Bear's quests lets you receive the Diamond Egg.
  • In the 30 Bee Gate, under the platform, is a Diamond Egg, in which it is guarded by Shadow Bear, in which it will kill you instantly.
  • Completing Panda Bear's first five Star Treat/Ant Quests, particularly named Colossal Combat.
  • Unknown chance of being a drop from King Beetle, luck will increase the probability of obtaining one.
  • Unknown chance of being a drop from Werewolf.
  • The player can purchase the Diamond Egg with 400R$ in the Robux Shop.
  • Unknown chance from a Legendary Sprout.

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