Dandelion Field is one of the five starting fields that a new player can go to.

It's a 18x36 made up of 648 flowers, there are white, blue, and red flowers, coming in sizes of small and medium.

There are 29 small red flowers (4.47%), 51 small blue flowers (7.87%), 6 medium red flowers (0.92%), 14 medium blue flowers (2.16%), 74 medium white flowers (11.41%) and 474 small white flowers (73.14%)

RobloxScreenShot20180514 170546383 (2)

The Royal Jelly on top of the tallest dandelion

Flowers Red Blue White Total (size)
Small 29 51 474 554
Medium 6 14 74 94
Total (color) 35 65 548 648


No mobs spawn in this field.

There is a Royal Jelly on top of the tallest dandelion which can be obtained by using the parachute on the mountain and gliding down.

There will be spots that appear on the Dandelion Field that are caused by the bubble wand face spitting on this field, as well as the clover and blue flower fields.

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