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The codes menu.

Promo Codes are a feature added in the 5/18/18 update. Redeeming them gives prizes such as honey, tickets, gumdrops, Royal Jelly, boosts from Ability Tokens, or field boosts.

Onett posts codes (or hints for codes) in the game itself, on the game's Roblox page, on the Bee Swarm Simulator Club page, on his Twitter account, and on the game's official Discord server. He also sometimes gives out codes to YouTubers, and there have been reports of codes posted on his Roblox profile page and on Roblox advertisements.


  • Do NOT join the Discord server just to ask for codes! Instead, use the search function to look for posts by Onett (Onett#0001).
  • Codes can only be used once. They are not case-sensitive: "Bopmaster", "BopMaster", "BOPMASTER", and "bopmaster" will all work equally.
  • Expired codes do not always say "expired"; sometimes, they say "invalid." When you try to redeem a valid code that you have already used, you will be told: "You have already redeemed [code]."

Currently valid codes

Code Location Added Reward
38217 (In-game) Number on Onett NPC's bag 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Bopmaster (In-game) Revealed by Panda Bear when you complete his last quest 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Buzz Onett's place on Roblox 5/18/2018 5,000 Honey
Cog Deduction based on the description of BSS and the green gear on the Noob Shop 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Connoisseur (In-game) Clue "Black Bear's Title" behind the Instant Converter 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Crawlers (In-game) Clue "Song Title" on the floor of King Beetle Lair 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Nectar BSS Club wall 5/18/2018 5,000 Honey
Roof (In-game) On Red HQ roof near the giant scythe 5/18/2018 5 Tickets
Wax BSS thumbnail image (on Games page, for example) 5/18/2018 5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey
Wink BSS thumbnail image (hint posted on Discord), decal at end of White Tunnel 6/8/2018 5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Dandelion Field Boost ×7, Haste+
1mFavorites Game page, BSS Club 7/4/2018 ×1 field boost for every field except Dandelion, Baby Love, Melody, Blue Boost ×10, Red Boost ×10, Focus ×10, Blue Bomb Sync, Red Bomb Sync, Haste+, Haste ×10, Black Bear Morph, Brown Bear Morph, Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, 5 Gumdrops, 5,000 Honey
CookieClub BSS Club (exclusive to members) 7/11/2018 Treat ×10, Strawberry, Blueberry
FruitSalad Twitter 7/11/2018 Pineapple ×3, Strawberry ×3, Blueberry ×3
NikTacAttack Nik Tac (Youtube) 7/22/2018 25 Treats, Cactus Field Boost ×3, Dandelion Field Boost ×5, Haste+, Panda Bear Morph, Rage ×5
MegaMittens SDMittens (Youtube) 7/22/2018 10 Treats, 10 Blueberries, Mountain Top Field Boost ×3, Clover Field Boost ×5, Rage ×5, Haste+, Baby Love
RoyalRobzi Robzi (Youtube) 7/23/2018 1 Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, Pine Tree Forest Boost ×3, Mushroom Field Boost ×5, Melody, Focus ×10, Rage ×5, Haste+
PumpkinofJustice ThnxCya (Youtube) 7/24/2018 Pumpkin Patch Boost ×7
GremlinGoodies XdarzethX (Youtube) 7/25/2018 15 Treats, 15 Strawberries, 15 Pineapples, Sunflower Boost ×5, Rage ×5, Black Bear Morph, Baby Love, Inspire, Melody, 5000 Honey
Oodlesofnoodles Thinknoodles (YouTube) 7/29/2018 Ant Pass, 10 Blueberries, Blue Flower Boost ×5, Inspire x5, 5000 Honey
Summer BSS Club (exclusive to members) 7/29/2018 Royal Jelly, Ant Pass, 10 Treats, 10 Sunflower Seeds
Berlin Twitter (also a hint on Discord) 8/16/2018 1 Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, 25 Strawberries, Black Bear Morph, Strawberry Field Boost ×4, Blue Flower Boost ×6

Expired codes

Code Location Dates Reward
Soup Discord 5/18/2018–
10 Tickets, 1 Royal Jelly, 5,000 Honey
General Discord 5/19/2018
(1 hour)
10,000 Honey, 5 Tickets
ThoseEyes Discord, BSS Club Wall 5/19/2018–
Looker Bee Jelly, 2 Tickets, 4,000 Honey
NotHoney Discord 5/19/2018–
1 Honey, turns you into a bear (Bear Morph)
Decaboost Discord 5/19/2018–
Every buff in the game, at ×10 where applicable (Red/Blue Boost ×10, Focus ×10, Baby Love, Melody, etc., but not Tabby Love)
DontUseThisJelly Discord 5/19/2018–
Basic Bee Jelly
OnettJelly Discord 5/19/2018–
Exhausted Bee Jelly
Nonchalant BSS Club Wall and Discord 5/19/2018–
1 Rad Bee Jelly, Red Boost ×10, Mushroom Field Boost, 5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey
Change Twitter 5/18/2018–
1 Royal Jelly
Keen4 Discord 5/22/2018
(30 min.)
1 Commander Bee Jelly, Mountain Top Field Boost ×3, 3 Tickets, and 10,000 Honey.
PandaPower Twitter and Discord 5/21/2018–
Temporary Panda Morph, Bamboo Field Boost, ×10 Haste, ×10 Focus, Rage, 3 Tickets, and 3,000 Honey.
Friday Discord, BSS Club Wall, Twitter 5/25/2018–
10,000 Honey, 5 Tickets, Bamboo Field Boost ×5, Strawberry Field ×5, Royal Jelly, Haste+
Wax2 (Not posted anywhere) 5/18/2018–
before 6/1
5 Tickets ("wax2 was a code by accident for a while. When I was testing codes I put it in there and forgot to take it out")
Arizona Discord 5/31/2018–
5 Tickets, 10 Gumdrops, Baby Love, Polar Bear Morph, Haste+, Cactus Field Boosts x4
AccentMaster ThnxCya (YouTube) 5/22/2018–
Baby Love, Mushroom Field Boost, Sunflower Field Boost, Dandelion Field Boost, Blue Flower Field Boost, 1 Royal Jelly, 1 Ticket, and 5,000 Honey.
Tabby Twitter, BSS Club 5/28/2018–
5 Tickets, 5 Gumdrops, 5,000 Honey, Spider Field Boost, Pineapple Patch Boost, Pumpkin Patch Boost
JellyHill Discord 6/1/2018–
Royal Jelly, 3 Tickets, 5 Gumdrops, Melody, Focus ×10, Brown Bear Morph, Haste+, Clover Field Boost ×6
MischiefMaker Discord (was active for 1 hour only) 6/6/2018
(1 hour)
Rascal Bee Jelly, 1 Ticket, Gumdrops ×10, Bomb Combo ×10, Red Bomb Sync, Blue Bomb Sync, Mushroom Field Boost ×6
Meow Probably the tabby block 5/18/2018–
5 Tickets
Cornsyrup BSS Club 6/9/2018–
30 Gumdrops
Unity BSS Club (exclusive to club members) 6/2/2018–
1 Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, 5 Gumdrops, Haste+
Starch Twitter 6/8/2018–
30 Gumdrops
100mvisits Discord and Twitter 6/4/2018–
1 Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, 5 Gumdrops, 5,000 Honey, Haste+, Black Bear Morph, Baby Love, Melody, Blue Boost ×10, Red Boost ×10, Focus ×10, Sunflower Field Boost ×6, Mountain Top Field Boost ×3
Xanthan BSS Club, game description on Roblox (exclusive to Club members) 6/12/2018–
5 Tickets, 30 Gumdrops, 5,000 Honey, ×5 Blue Flower Field Boost, ×4 Pumpkin Field Boost, ×3 Mountain Top Field Boost
Gel Roblox Ad 6/15/2018–
1 Ticket, 15 Gumdrops, Sunflower Field Boost ×5, 2,500 Honey
LateNightGumdrops In-game message 6/24/2018
(1 hour)
1 Ticket, 20 Gumdrops, Baby Love, Spider Field Boost ×2, Pineapple Patch Boost ×2, Rose Field Boost ×2, Pine Tree Forest Boost ×2
Afternoon Discord 6/22/2018–
5 Tickets, 20 Gumdrops, Baby Love, Melody, Focus ×10, Haste+, Dandelion Field Boost ×5, Rose Field Boost ×3, Pine Tree Forest Boost ×3
PreUpdate Twitter, BSS Club 6/25/2018–
5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Silver Egg
SugarRush Twitter 6/19/2018–
5 Tickets, 10 Gumdrops, Baby Love, Black Bear Morph, Haste ×10, Haste+, Strawberry Field Boost ×3, Pineapple Patch Boost ×4
GummyBoost Twitter, BSS Club 6/23/2018–
10,000 Honey, 30 Gumdrops, Spider Field Boost ×3, Cactus Field Boost ×3, Rose Field Boost ×3, Pine Tree Forest Boost ×3
ClubJellies BSS Club (exclusive to club members) 6/20/2018–
3 Royal Jellies
Pectin Discord, Twitter, BSS Club 5/26/2018–
10 Gumdrops
Tapioca (In-game) Gummy Bear dialog during the Peace Through Goo-nity quest 5/25/2018–
10 Gumdrops
ThnxCyaBoost ThnxCya (YouTube) 6/20/2018–
Royal Jelly, 5 Tickets, Clover Field Boost ×5, Spider Field Boost ×5
Whoops Twitter 7/1/2018–
5 Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Haste+, Panda Bear Morph, Mountain Top Field Boost ×3, Clover Field Boost ×5
Reboot Game description, in-game message 7/22/2018
(~two hours)
10 Tickets, Inspire x5, Rose Field Boost x3, Sunflower Field Boost x6
MillionMembers BSS Club (exclusive to club members) 6/5/2018–
10 Tickets, 10 Gumdrops, 10,000 Honey
Shutdown In-game message, Game title and description 7/23/2018
(~2 hours)
5 tickets, Inspire ×5, Pineapple Patch Boost ×5, 1 Royal Jelly
1MoreTime Game page, in-game message 7/26/2018
(6.5 hours)
Royal Jelly, Pineapple ×5, Ticket ×5, Pineapple Patch Boost ×2, Clover Field Boost ×5
ClubSnacks BSS Club (exclusive to members) 7/22/2018–
5 Tickets, Royal Jelly, 30 Treats, 15 Pineapples, 15 Strawberries.
SaleEnd Game Description, in-game message 8/1/2018
(~2 hours)
Royal Jelly, Mountain Top Field Boost ×3, Sunflower Field Boost ×5

Notes about Comments

These comments are only for posting actual new codes (preferably with proof), or notifying us of expired codes. All comments will be deleted once they are dealt with.

This is not the place to ask questions or have a discussion about how good your hive is or post suggestions to Onett. (For one thing, Onett never reads this page.) It is also not the place to tell us how OP a code is or how much honey you made with it. Please take those to other comment sections or the discussion forum.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are not posting redundant comments. If a code was already posted or expired hours (or days) ago and you post about it as if it were new information, your comment will be treated the same as off-topic comments. Use the refresh links at the top of the page before posting!

If you post comments here that do not adhere to the above policy, you will be blocked. This is your only warning.