Clover Field is an area that is reached by climbing 2 ladders near the Dandelion Field and Slingshot. It is one of the five fields a new player may go to. A Ladybug and a Rhino Beetle will spawn there every 5 minutes. There are clovers as decorations, and the Brown Bear and Honeystorm are behind it.

The Clover Field is a 29x38 field made up of 1102 flowers. There are small and double red, white and blue flowers.

There are 195 small red flowers (17.69%), 185 small blue flowers (16.79%) 180 small white flowers (16.33%), 175 double red flowers (15.88%), 185 double blue flowers (16.79%), 182 double white flowers (16.52%).

Flowers Small Double Total (color)
Red 195 175 370
White 180 182 362
Blue 185 185 370
Total (size) 560 542 1102

On the 5/12 update The Bubble Wand on top of the Blue HQ will grow a face and will Spit at the flowers along with, the Mushroom Field, Dandelion Field, and Blue Flower Field.

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