Black Bear
Species Quest Bear
Location Near Red Cannon
Bee Prerequisities None
Color Scheme



Fur Shade











The Black Bear, Also being known as connoisseur is one of the five permanent Bears to be accessed in the game, the other bears being Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Panda Bear, and Science Bear. He provides quests to players to help them progress in the game. This particular bear focuses on pollen collecting. It’s located near the Red Cannon and under Red HQ.


The Black Bear's quests require collecting pollen for him, and in return, he will give you Honey, Royal Jelly, a Silver Egg, a Gold Egg, and eventually a Diamond Egg. When doing the quests for the Diamond Egg, he will give you a Royal Jelly every 4 quests.  

Quest List

Quest Name Requirements Reward
Sunflower Start 200 Honey
Dandelion Deed 400 Honey
Pollen Fetcher 500 Honey
Red Quest 650 Honey
Into The Blue 750 Honey
Variety Fetcher 1x Silver Egg
Bamboo Boogie 2,000 Honey
Red Quest 2 2,500 Honey
Cobweb Sweeper 3,200 Honey
Leisure Loot 10,000 Honey
White Pollen Wrangler
  • Collect 10,000 White Pollen.
7,500 Honey
Pineapple Picking 10,500 Honey
Pollen Fetcher 2 12,000 Honey
Weed Wacker 25,000 Honey
Red + Blue = Gold 1x Gold Egg
Colorless Collection
  • Collect 50,000 White Pollen.
35,000 Honey
Spirit of Springtime 44,000 Honey
Weed Wacker 2 50,000 Honey
Pollen Fetcher 3 50,000 Honey
1x Royal Jelly
Lucky Landscaping 75,000 Honey
Azure Adventure
  • Collect 150,000 Blue Pollen.
100,000 Honey
Pink Pineapples 122,000 Honey
Blue Mushrooms 150,000 Honey
1x Royal Jelly
Cobweb Sweeper 2 185,000 Honey
Rojo-A-Go-Go 200,000 Honey
Pumpkin Plower 225,000 Honey
Pollen Fetcher 4 250,000 Honey
1x Royal Jelly
Bouncing Around Biomes 275,000 Honey
Blue Pineapples 300,000 Honey
Rose Request 320,000 Honey
Search For The White Clover 350,000 Honey
1x Royal Jelly
Stomping Grounds 400,000 Honey
1x Royal Jelly
Collecting Cliffside 450,000 Honey
2x Royal Jelly
Mountain Meandering 500,000 Honey
3x Royal Jelly
Quest Of Legends (The Final Quest) 1,000,000 Honey
1x Diamond Egg


  • This is the first (and so far only) bear that can give a player a Diamond Egg as a reward.
  • Black Bear proudly calls himself a "Honey Connoisseur" in one of his dialogues.
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