Event Bees are ones that can only be obtained by buying/aquiring them specifically - they do not hatch out of ordinary eggs, not even diamond ones, and regular Royal Jelly will never produce an event bee. They are generally very expensive, costing either Robux or Tickets (or, in the case of Gummy Bee, a long series of difficult quests). They are often, but not always, limited edition (i.e. available for only a short period of time). They have unique abilities that are not seen in any other type of bee.

All event bees come with a special Royal Jelly that will always turn a bee into that specific event bee. Since a hive can only contain one of any given event bee, the special Royal Jelly only exists for the purpose of recovering your event bee if you transformed or evicted it.

Bee Description
Bear Bee Bear Bee A friendly bee who transforms you into different bears! Only obtainable during the game's launch.
Cobalt Bee Cobalt Bee Defender of all things Blue! Excels in hives with many Blue Bees. Has enhanced abilities when working with Crimson Bee.
Crimson Bee Crimson Bee Defender of all things Red! Excels in hives with many Red Bees. Has enhanced abilities when working with Cobalt Bee.
Gummy beeGummy Bee This sweet bee spreads goo on flowers! Flowers covered in goo give bonus honey. The larger the puddle, the more honey you get!
Photon Bee Photon Bee An entity made of pure light temporarily taking on the form of a bee.
Tabby Bee Tabby Bee This affectionate bee was raised by cats. It becomes a better worker as it warms up to you.