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Gummy Bear

This bear has traveled far and wide to conquer the universe with its GOO and an army of Gummy Bees! Join, and complete its quests to earn yourself an exclusive Gummy Bee!

Hurry! You only have to get it!

Update 6/2:

- 2 New Bees: Crimson and Cobalt Bee, a superhero duo that fights to unite bees of all colors! Available now in the Ticket Tent.
- 3 New Collectors: Clippers, Electro-Magnet, and Porcelain Dipper
- 1 New Accessory: Belt Pocket
- 3 New Badges: Quest, Ability Token, and Goo badges! All 3 increase the size of your container.
- Black Bear now has a repeatable quest pool after you beat it's main quest line.
- Ticket prizes for badges increased. If you've already claimed badges, you will receive tickets when you log in.

[Note: Tabby Bee is temporarily back on sale this weekend due to a bug when it was going offsale.]

[Note: In the next update, your Polar Bear quests finished before this update will count toward the badge.]

Update 5/26:
- Gummy Bear: This bear is on a mission to conquer the universe with its GOO and an army of Gummy Bees! Join its cause to earn yourself an exclusive Event Bee...
- Gummy Bee: This sweet bee spreads goo on flowers! Flowers covered in goo give bonus honey. The larger the puddle, the more honey you get!
- Gumdrops: Activate this item by clicking its icon in the Egg Menu or pressing "G" to launch Gumdrops at surrounding flowers and cover them in goo!
- Memorial Day Pack: Check out this one time offer in the Robux shop! Includes a Diamond Egg and 100 Tickets.
Obtain Gumdrops from defeated enemies, from the Honey Dispenser, or by purchasing them with Tickets.
Bigger puddles = more honey and goo!
Work with your friends to complete Gummy Bear's quests! It's much easier if you share eachother's Gumdrops.

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