The Basic Egg is the most common egg found in the game. It will almost always (87% chance) hatches into a Basic Bee, but could hatch into a rare bee in 1 in 10 chance, epic bee in 1 in 40 chance, legendary bee in 1 in 200 chance, or into a Gifted Basic Bee with 1 in 250 chance.


The first egg from the Basic Egg Shop costs 1000 Honey. The price goes up exponentially from there, and caps at 10 million Honey.

Methods of Obtaining

  1. First time players receive a basic egg in their Inventory.
  2. Purchasing from the Egg Shop.


  • This is the only known way to obtain a Basic Bee, other then Basic Bee Jelly, an item once obtainable via the use of codes.
  • Basic Egg is the only egg that can't be obtained by quests.

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