Some Bees have special abilities. These bees drop Ability Tokens which can be collected to activate these abilities. If you don't collect a token within a fairly short amount of time -- a couple of seconds, maybe -- it fades away. Other people can't collect ("steal") the tokens generated by your bees. (As noted below, some tokens aren't generated by your bees; those can be collected by other players.)

Honey Gift

The Honey Bee will occasionally give you a Honey Gift token worth 250 Honey, and the Diamond Bee will sometimes give you a Honey Gift+ token worth 1000 Honey. These amounts can be increased by Luck. (There is no visual difference between Honey Gift and Honey Gift+ tokens.)

Not all Honey tokens are generated by bees: sometimes, flowers will generate tokens that look identical to Honey Gift. The larger the flower, the larger the amount of Honey, and Luck can increase the amount, too. Players who have discovered four legendary bee types can summon a whole shower of Honey tokens in a honeystorm.

Sometimes (1 in 10 chance), a colored flower will generate a Boost Token instead of a Honey Token. Very, very rarely, a Ticket Token may be generated instead of a Honey Token.

A Token Link (see below) will collect Honey or Ticket tokens generated by Honey Bee or Diamond Bee. It will not collect Honey, Boost, or Ticket tokens generated by flowers or via honeystorm.

Honey tokens take 10 seconds to fade away.



A Bomb collects pollen from flowers in an area. Buzz bombs collect 4 pollen from all flowers. Blue and Red Bombs collect 7 pollen from matching-color flowers. Normal bombs collect from 13 surrounding flowers while bombs with the "+" symbol collect from 29 surrounding flowers.

Bombs can be combined to increase their power. Combining increases bomb power without regard to size or color; however, there must be flowers nearby that the bombs can work on. In other words, a red bomb can increase the power of a buzz bomb even in the Blue Flower Field, but not vice-versa.

Red Bomb is granted by Rascal, Demon, and Shy bees. Red Bomb+ is granted by Fire and Demon bees. Blue Bomb is granted by Bumble and Frosty bees. Blue Bomb+ is granted by Bubble and Ninja bees. Buzz Bomb is granted by Bomber, Commander and Exhausted bees. Buzz Bomb+ is granted by Demo and Lion bees.

All types of Bomb tokens take 5 seconds to fade away.



A Boost grants +15% Pollen from matching-color flowers for 15 seconds. It only comes in red and blue varieties, so boosts are no help for collecting white pollen. Each color can stack up to 10 times. The boost applies to the flowers themselves, so it benefits both you and your swarm. .

Red Boost is granted by Rad, Riley, and Shy bees and can also be granted by redeeming the code ''Nonchalant''. Blue Boost is granted by Frosty, Cool, Bucko, and Diamond bees.

Sometimes, red and blue flowers will generate Boost tokens instead of Honey tokens. These tokens look identical to Boost tokens generated by bees, but Token Link will not collect them.

Boost tokens take 5 seconds to fade away.



Haste grants +10% player movement speed for 20 seconds. It can be stacked up to 10 times. Haste does not affect the speed of bees, or of players using the Parachute or Glider. The Honey Dispenser outside the Noob Shop grants 5× Haste, but it doesn't use a Haste token to do so.

Haste is granted by Hasty, Shocked, Ninja, and Photon bees.

Haste tokens take 5 seconds to fade away.


Focus Bee token

A Looker Bee dropping a Focus token.

Focus grants +3% Critical Chance for 20 seconds. It can be stacked up to 10 times. Critical hits increase pollen and damage by 100%.

Focus is granted by Looker, Commander, and Music bees.

Focus tokens take 5 seconds to fade away.

Token Link


Token Link collects all other ability tokens and grants an additional 25 Honey for each other token collected this way. This bonus Honey is multiplied by Luck. Token Link will pick up Honey Gift tokens generated by Honey and Diamond Bees, and of course Boost tokens generated by any of the bees with that ability, but it will not pick up Honey, Ticket, or Boost tokens generated by flowers.

For stacking purposes, note that the ability tokens created first get used first.

Token Link is granted by Exhausted, Rage, Shocked, and Music bees.

Token Link tokens take 5 seconds to fade away.



Rage grants your bees +1 attack for 60 seconds. The token is granted by Rage Bee only while it is actually attacking something. When collected, an angry war scream can be heard.

If you collect two rage tokens they will not stack, but instead be separate from each other. You will still get the attack bonus, but since it's not stacked, it only lasts a short amount of time.

Rage tokens take at least 18 seconds to fade away.

Baby Love


The Baby Bee gives a Baby Love token that grants +100% pollen and luck for 30 seconds. The doubled pollen applies to both you and your bees. Luck increases your chances of getting ticket drops & increased honey rewards from enemies.

Baby Love used to stack in duration, but its interaction with hats was buggy, so stacking was (temporarily?) removed. The doubled pollen part does stack with the bear morph.

The Baby Love token takes 10 seconds to fade away.



The Music Bee gives a Melody token that grants +100% Critical Power for 30 seconds. Critical Power increases the pollen and damage of critical hits. Melody does not stack.

The Melody token takes 5? seconds to fade away.

Bear Morph


The Bear Bee gives a Bear Morph token that transforms you into the bear on the token. It grants ×2 pollen, and boosts speed and jump power by an unspecified amount. The transformation lasts 30 seconds. The Bear Morph cannot transform you into Science Bear.

Since you can only have one Bear Bee in your hive, there's no way for the Bear Morph to stack. However, the doubled pollen does become quadruple if you have Baby Love active at the same time, and 10×Haste + Bear Morph is faster than just 10×Haste.

The bear morph token takes 15 seconds to fade away.



The Photon Bee gives a Beamstorm token that produces 40 beams of light. The beams collect AND DOUBLE all the pollen from the flowers they hit.

As with the Bear Bee, you can only have one Photon Bee in your hive, so there's no way for the Beamstorm ability to stack.

It is unknown how long it takes for a Beamstorm token to fade away.

Tabby Love


The Tabby Bee gives a Tabby Love token that permanently improves the performance of the Tabby Bee. For each stack of Tabby Love, a Tabby Bee will collect 1% more pollen, convert 1% more pollen, and improve Scratch's pollen gain by 1%. Going by the base numbers, this means that the Tabby Bee will collect .1 more pollen and convert .6 more pollen per stack of Tabby Love. Tabby Love can be stacked to a total of 1000.

The Tabby Love token takes 15 seconds to fade away.



The Tabby Bee gives a Scratch token that collects 16 pollen from 3 lines of 4 flowers. When collecting the token, a cat's growl is heard and three cat claws rip through the field around the token. The pollen collected can be improved through collecting Tabby Love tokens, granting .16 pollen per stack of Tabby Love.

The Scratch token takes 15 seconds to fade away.