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coming tomorrow. I will activate the link tomorrow.

You happy?
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  • No
  • 101% happy
  • Your mom (if you pick this, I'll SPAM you with messages for fun)!
  • Mhm
  • What is 1e+18
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• 6h

A wild Lvl 10 cave monster spawned! What do you do?

  • Attack! (Yourself)
  • Run away!
  • Attempt to catch (bag)
  • Go (Insert bee name here)
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• 6h

Gifted or Update

Hi I am new in this wikia

What should i do with my honey?
  • Buy new hive slot to put gifted bee
  • Save for update
  • Do somethig else (post in comments)
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• 6h


Ok, is the official update release posted?

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What we know about le new challenge so far

It is a boss challenge.

You have to finish a quest line (Related to Science Bear) to even be able to play the challenge.

It is a server-wide challenge. (EVERYONE FREEZES AND COWERS IN FEAR lol for nubs tho)

You can only do it once a day without spending tickets.

The boss is a stickbug?

The boss jumps from field to field.

The boss will set up "totems" that boost its defense in fields.

New players will now be able to even hit the boss.

Everyone will be able to get an amulet.

TEAMWORK IS KEY! SO SUMMON YOUR 5 FRIENDS ON THE LEADERBOARD! (Server limit will be increased to 6)

It is expensive to trigger.

It causes lots of le LAGGGGG.

The boss cannot be killed, you bring it to 0 and it levels up.

Onett with a max level 50 bee hive could only get a silver amulet (wut a nub)

You have 10 minutes until it despawns.

Vicious bee is very important in the challenge.

Every time the boss levels up, it drops tokens like treats and royal jellies.

You have to bring the boss to certain levels before silver+ amulets are even unlocked, AND you need to reach a personal score.

Other critters spawn during the challenge and also drop prizes(?)

Challenge has a leaderboard.

You get points for damage you do to the boss.

"The boss is the npc" -Onett (wut)

You ask the npc if you want to do the challenge (wut is onett talking about another challenge)

Tell me if I'm missing anything I just reviewed my whole blog

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• 9h

List (doing them tomorrow)

Requests: C&C, tabby and honey

This the order:

Male tabby

Female crimson

Male Cobalt

Female honey

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• 12h

1 thing left

If you're gonna suggest bees, say the gender of that bee, so i can make it the gender you want

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• 12h

Gummy bee ( Requested by: JoshDaNoob )

This one took me a little longer than photon, because motives

Post image
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• 12h

Blog Post

So, I strated making a new blog. Should I continue? (Its short)

Should I continue?
  • Yes
  • No
  • wat
  • I've got some ideas! (Write them in the comments)
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• 13h

My art

So yeah, i decided to make art of bss, like anime bees and etc, and also.

the gender debate has ended but ill draw the bees as i think the gender they are like:

photon: male

Gummy: male

Puppy: male

Tabby: Female

Crimson: female

Cobalt: male

Honey: female (im a boy irl)

Basic: male

Vicious: male

You get it

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• 13h

O hi (plz fren me)

Hi, ive currently been bored out of my mind while grinding in BSS so I need friends (ik I'm pathetic :D) My name is JoshDaPro07 (plz friend me I need friends plz plzpzplzpzozozooz goodness my brain hurts)

  • No
  • Yes
  • nerd
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• 14h

Ah yes. First poll I've made in like a month. Would you rather.....

  • Have an instant update on a game you play other than BSS
  • Have the time until the BSS update cut by half
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• 14h

Photon bee (anime edition)

Tell me the truth, do you like it? and also, should i continue doing these drawings?

Post image
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• 15h
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• 15h

Im trying to do a anime like photon bee

I think it'll suck but i want to do it

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• 17h
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• 17h

Still waiting

So, the update isn't out yet, so i made this comic

Post image
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• 18h

Star Treat

I have enough tickets for a star treat. Should I buy now or save it for the update? An also what bee should I make gifted first?

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